Facebook is a very useful Social Media for Small Business tool.

To use if you want to get the word out about your business. There are millions of people using Facebook each day and they are going to drop any time soon. When using Facebook there are some things to consider if you want to  have success using this awesome Social Media for Small Business tool in growing your business.

Connecting with people you already know.
If you are trying to use Facebook to grow your business, this is a huge mistake. While it may be fun to reconnect with old classmates, unless they are in your target market, they aren’t going to help you make any money. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t connect with your friends at all. Instead, be open to connecting with new people on Facebook as well as your old friends.

Not putting up any pictures.
This is not the time to be camera shy. I’m serious. People like to see people living life on Facebook. So what if your hair isn’t absolutely perfect? So what if your friend took that picture while you were putting the chicken wing in your mouth? It’s not that serious. The important thing is that your network gets to see you living. They’ll know that you are a real person and not just spammer that bought a stock photo and made up a name. It’s also helpful for ladies that have gotten married since they left school as a picture will help your old friends identify you.

Not interacting with their network.
This is another big no-no. How will the people in your network get to know you if you don’t talk to them? You don’t have to write a novel. Just stop by your friend’s page and say hi every so often. Send your friend a birthday message on their birthday. Share things that they are doing in their business with your network. These seem like small things, but they are extremely important when it comes to relationship building.

Not being able to adapt to change.
I had to list this here. Facebook is always changing the interface. Once you think you have everything figured out, you login and then wam! they’ve changed something else. Instead of griping about it, you’re going to have just accept the fact that the only thing constant in life is change. Just learn whatever it is you need to learn and keep on trucking. You’ll waste a lot of time demanding that they stop changing things. It’s better to just learn the new thing and move on. Who knows? You might grow to like the change.

Facebook can be a powerful Social Media for Small Business tool in your marketing arsenal. As with anything else in Social Media for Small Business, you have to stick to it. You can’t just throw up a Facebook profile and walk away. You have to make contact with the people in your network on a daily basis to make any Social Media for Small Business site work for you.

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The possibilities of new Social Media for Small Business tools are exciting, owners need to remember to not over share, and always be careful who they connect with and what information they share publicly.

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