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Launch Your Local Business Brand

Launch Your Complete Local Business Presence – Startup Your Online Brand

Your Brand is like a tree , it grows.

Launching your business or brand can be overwhelming.

It’s important to maintain multiple Blogs, Websites, Local directory profiles, social networks and Video Channels. But it takes massive amounts of time to create it all and syndicate all your products and services online. Even though this is the best way to present your products and services many business owners just don’t know where or how to start.

Pre-Launch Your Local Business Brand

Get Results Faster!

If you’re launching a new business and want to building your brand you found and great place to start. You should start building your brand three to six  months before your Grand Opening. You can provide services online, and deliver your products services for the first months, this will help build your following. It will also give you any idea of how effective your new brand is a retaining and servicing your clients. You will found insight into your new business processes that can only be seen in action. Past results have shown us, this is when phone calls will start getting constant after creating your brand complete.

Get started creating your local business brand now DIY. Below is a short, course on get setup with all of the content you will need to create social networks and local directory profiles for your new business in sacramento. See Below

  • Local Directories

    Local directories are the core or heart of a local business. Local directory traffic is at least 50 percent of your over all leads. They help to establish and syndicate your business’s brand. Local directories show search engines that your business is established, consistency of your NAP is an important factor cannot be overlooked.  your A strong business brand will have over 50 local directory profiles. This type of saturation of your business content on local directories will push your business further ahead than your competitors that have been established for longer periods of time.

  • Navigational Directories

    Navigational directories will increase the relevance of your business presence. GPS systems that are in the dash of most vehicles use these directories to display gas stations, restaurants, service stations and lots more. Don’t miss out on a major portion of local search by not including your business in local directories.

  • Social Networks

    Social Network Marketing is essential in today’s marketplace. The hard part has been for most owners to create the profile and manage them. It is suggested to use an automated software like You will save lots of time in the management of your profiles. General tasks like review generation and social blasting will be worth their weight in gold.

  • Video Channels

    Video marketing is the leading form of content to share services and products with customers. YouTube is leading the video marketing, but there are other competitors that have millions of users and should not be overlooked.

  • Blogs

    Blogs are a great place to share information about your new business launch. They allow you to perform micro-campaigns for testing purposes before deploying your campaign on your main site. Their true benefit to local business marketing is the fact that you can host any type of content you want and link to your main site to empower your local presence. a common practice that is seen nowadays is to have one blog for your service department, one for your customer service, and one for your sales. The related content shared by each different department will provide insight into different aspects of your business, sometimes exposing potential revenue streams that would not have been seen otherwise.

  • Press Releases

    Press releases are a great way of launching your business presence. They can be informative and provide substance and relevance to your initial campaign. There are thousands of directories that hold articles like press releases. Press release articles should not be used more often than once per quarter, Google has cracked down on the amount of duplicate articles that they will index.

  • Google For Business

    This part of your local business launch that is very important. Google is the number one advertiser in the world, it is important that they have your information accurately and that you are verified and claimed with all of their products and services. It is one of the musts of local marketing. 

  • Website

    Built upon a WordPress CMS platform. The site will have a base 6 to 10 pages +50 additional pages keyword and Geo-specific to your area. These additional pages will allow you to capture first page ranking for your primary service in each area.

Launch Your Local Business

Launch Your Complete Local Business Presence – Startup A Brand

Brand Planning Course

One of the first steps in creating a local presence online is to research the business name, usernames, domain name that you would like to use in the creation of your brand. To make it easier we suggest starting by collecting you business content in to one place, like folder on your computer.

Consistency in your brand’s name will help your customers identifying your business, too many others that will have similar domains and social network profiles, hashtags, etc. Once you get a customer you want to make sure that you do not lose them to inconsistencies. There are many other reasons having consistency in your brand name, but this is one of the most important…you want to make sure that they can find you online.

To start this course download the Excel workbook file resource called “Local Brand Social Sphere” it is attached below.

Open the file and go to the sheet named “Brand Content” tab in the Excel Workbook.

The workbook sheet navigation is at the bottom of the excel window of the workbook.

Local Brand Social Sphere

Download the Excel workbook file resource called “Local Brand Sphere”. Open the file and go to the sheet named “Brand Content”.

Look at the different tabs in the workbook, they have more information to share.

This will help you stay organized, and not lose passwords.

Enter your desired brand names for the following fields in the Excel workbook. This is what you would like to have, next we will find out what is available.

Brand Name: – This will be your business name or brand name.
Domain Name: – Need to purchase at or or any other domain registrar or pretend for now.
Short Brand Name / User Name: – Your clients will find you using this. It will also be used in Social URL’s. It can be your brand name.

Researching the availability of your User Name on all social networks is easy. The username of your brand will be used on social networks and in the URL of social profile. You should try to pick one that is not currently being used on any social site. It’s time consuming to search each social network so use one of these sites to search them all for you.

Try: You could also use:

Make any changes to your workbook if it has changed.

Finding the perfect domain name can be very time consuming. Most of the simple two word domain names will already be purchased.

Example:, but if you were to add one more word like “pro” or “master” or “Mr” you will find that the domain has not been purchased. Example:,,

Only buy a .com domain. Although it may be tempting to buy a .net or .org or some other new one like .pro or .tv don’t do it.

Each type of TLD .com, .net, .org and other website suffixes are known as “top-level domains” (TLDs). While we normally we see only a few of these, there are hundreds of them – and there may be thousands more soon. But most local customers will try to find you using .com and if you dont have a .com they will go to the wrong site and think it is you.

Get domain Ideas For Your New Business Launch

A great free website to get domain ideas and even purchase domains is Expired Sign up for free account, search your keyword and search through millions of domains that have recently expired. This means the domain was recently owned by someone else and they either forgot to renew their lease on the domain or just let it go and didn’t want it anymore. This site has very advanced features for searching and filtering the results.

Try: to combined words to make your perfect domain. Hundreds of domain ideas in seconds. searches availability at the same time.

Try: to find recently expired domains.

Tip: Previously owned domains will help with SEO and ranking on Google. Research the domain by searching the full domain name on Google. This will show you what links to that domain.

Search your city’s “Fictitious Name Search” database. This will show you all the licensed business names in your area.

This database could be online but in smaller cities you will probably need to search for your local county/city recorder’s office on google.

If you are launching a local business, you need to do this to get a business license.

Business Address

You can use your home address but remember it will now be your public business address.

You can purchase an address for an average $25 per month from a UPS or other Mailbox business.

Make sure the mailbox address is a physical address not P.O. Box. It’s OK if it has a suite number.

Business Phone Number

There are thousands of companies top get a business phone line from, make sure the company you pick allows you to port your number anytime, some companies hold lines hostage for large porting costs. We offer cloud phone systems and business class lines cheap, just go to to see the low pricing and full details.

Fill in the rest of the Brand Content fields.

Next you’ll going to create social networks and local directory profiles to build your brand presence online.

This is a long and tedious process but, we offer our automation to make it fast and easy.

Imaganie only enter your brands info to one dashboard and then all of them magically have it, and if you change your address, phone, website, etc. it changed every where. Well that’s exactly that our software does, One dashboard to rule them all.