Sacramento Local Business in-Bound Marketing

Local businesses rely on local search consumers to gain profitability. The best way of reaching your local customers is by listing your local business in directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo local. Another is by building a brand that gives your customers an easy way of recognizing you over your competitors. One of the best ways to make sure that you are maximizing your local marketing is to use local companies to develop relationships in your local business community. There is a lot of ways you can do this, so you should choose the ones that best fit your business. below we will briefly outline the steps to creating a strong local business marketing campaign in Sacramento.

  • Preparation - Creating Your Local Business Presence

    When choosing a name you want to research the availability for it, so that you can keep your URL, usernames, company name as one entity or as close as possible. Two sites that will help you in researching this are and Next you’ll want to build out your company content in a word file. Everything about your business should be in here like name, address, phone number (NAP), business hours, payment accepted, parking available, featured offer, company motto, email, websites, URLs to social networks. Additionally you should have a folder with all videos and photos that will be used in the creation of your online profiles. I suggest reserving all of the free public emails with your business name for instance,,, etc. you will need each of these to create webmaster tools and local profiles on prospective search platforms. Make sure you and launching a local marketing campaign a couple months ahead of time, if you are starting a new business. this extra time will allow for your profiles to get indexed in search. Don’t be surprised when your phone rings and you have not yet done your grand opening, that’s what you want just make sure and answer the calls this is a great time to build loyalty within your customers. It is a good idea to research avenues and plan up to 6 month advance while you settle a lease or get your business license. However, you should be within about 2 month of your opening before getting your name out in the public.

    In some cases for small businesses that are already set up, you may consider re-branding your business. You should consult a local marketing company (like us) for a free consultation. Even if you do not go with that particular company you should learn a lot about the direction you can go online.

  • Creating a Local Business Website

    Most people look for local businesses online, using Google, Bing or other search engines. Having a website with details about your services, contact information and directions to your business is a must-have. Building your website yourself can be very easy nowadays. Try it is the best in the industry and after a site has been billed in the free version it can be easily migrated to a self hosted platform easily. They are both the same is hosted free and is the open source self hosted CMS software. There are a lot of places to host a free website it is great to have your information in them as long as you don’t duplicate content. (don’t copy and paste one to another) Put your information in new words. Google will know.

  • Free Local Business Marketing Platforms

    Take Advantage of Free Online Marketing – Sign up for a free local directories where you can list your address, telephone number, a link to your website, a description of your services and even a picture and video.
    Sign up for a Yellow Pages, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Yelp and CitySearch, etc accounts. You should set up as many business accounts on social networks and local directories as your budget or time allows.these are the foundation of your local business marketing campaign. Use them to verify and validate your business online this process is called syndication. You may want to have a local marketing company like us, create them all for you. The average costs is about five bucks per profile. This is very inexpensive considering to optimize a profile will take an hour or two. Local Business Directories are strong assets when used to leverage power to your website.

    Blogs are a great way to offer industry advice, industry news, tips, photos, reviews, videos of your business. Keep in mind that successful business blogs are ones that give out something without asking for anything in return, free knowledge.
    Local newspapers and classifieds or in the business section of your local newspapers are great ways to earn local representation online. They can be the keys to local promotions and real-world interaction to your business. A great approach is to first inquire about paid advertising and then ask if there are free business listings on the newspaper’s website. Encourage customers to refer their friends to you.

  • Get a Free Account on

    If you have a service based business – Sign up at

    Create your first business account this profile has every single question I have ever encountered on a local directory profile before. I suggest filling this out as completely as possible. I have done extra little tricks to the website to provide power pack to the businesses home page.
    Add your Business Hours
    Add your Services
    Add as much information as possible to your business, service and staff information to gain the most exposure online
    Add your availability schedule
    Once finished all of the above your business will have a free online presence

  • Grand Opening Marketing

    Grand opening or Grand re-openings can attract people to your business by offering a sale over the first few days.  Consider getting a local marketer involved, if you have the budget for it. Launching of a business may be important to look for outside help. Later you may be able tocompletely rely on free online marketing. Send out a press release to 100 or so PR sites and local newspapers. Use any connections you have made to local newspaper writers in your business section. Start a sign-up list to receive e-newsletters from your business. List your event in all the newspapers in your area, beginning a month in advance. Also, create an event on Facebook and send it to your followers. Call local radio stations and ask if you can get listed on their announcements. Ask local businesses if they would be willing to trade promotions so that you can put up a flier in their store. More ideas: listing in your local phone book, get listed on all online search engines.

  • Local Business Advertising

    Consider paid advertising in your local area, only should be done when you have completed all of the free advertising steps. Buy an ad in the most popular local newspaper for your demographic. Remember to haggle. see if you can get 2 ads for the price of 1, or a month of ads for a promotional article. Buy a billboard. This is often a large expense. However, if your main demographic is commuter traffic it may pay off. Bulk mailing card to your local addresses that includes a coupon. This is often called direct mail. Offer a  Groupon or Deal. This great way of advertising lots of exposure even if they don’t buy. Remember to make sure your discount or gift certificate is profitable.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine traffic is highly valuable for local businesses. There are three main sources of search engine traffic. Having your website on the 1st page of Google leads to over 90% of all website traffic.

    1. Organic Search Listings – Organic SEO is the natural promotion of your website.
    2. Google Local Search Listings. Local listings in the search engines are what you see next to those “map bubbles” with the A, B, C, D, etc.
    3. Paid Search Listings. Pay per click listings these have sponsored or adds tag on them typically top three links of search page and the right-hand side of the search results, +3 more at the bottom of the page if it is a highly targeted keyword, so basically the only thing that’s organic is the couple in the center typically it is 10 results.

Things You’ll Need to create a powerful Local Business Presence

  • Website
  • Google Places listing
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • Foursquare account
  • Press Release
  • Business Content
  • Business Videos And photos
  • Business Reviews
  • business phone number
  • business physical address
  • Yelp account
  • Additional Social Network Accounts
  • Phone book listing
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads
  • Billboard
  • Groupon
  • Local Pro SEO marketing consultation