We’re Different, WE CARE and it shows in everything we do!

For years now online marketing companies have been allowed to charge outrageous costs for “SEOing” local business websites. This is usually hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent monthly, with little or no results. If a quarter of that marketing budget been spent on local directory submission and optimization, the results would’ve been plainly obvious.

We take a different approach, we care about providing you with the best marketing tactics and practices that create the best results.

  • Our Core Fundamentals

    Local Pro SEO focuses on the core fundamentals of local business marketing, off-site citations of your business in local directories, social networks, and web 2. With this focus we have developed proprietary knowledge that propels our clients businesses to the top of search for the services they offer. With our unique approach, your business stands out above your competitors where customers are looking, local directories.

  • White Hat Marketing Only

    We are a “white hat marketing company” this means that we follow the code of ethics provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Our development team is continually researching and studying the algorithms that are used to display search results by Google. This is a key factor in staying ahead of the spam prevention techniques employed by search engines.

  • Business Owner Training

    You created your local business, there is no one on earth that will know it better than you. You know what you want to provide your customers and how.  There is no one more knowledgeable on the subject of your business than you. With a little bit of training, knowledge, and easy-to-use platforms you can grasp your business presence online and lead it towards the success that you want. We feel that it is our job to provide the best possible solutions technology and most of all opportunity to do just that.

  • Local Business Market Research

    Keyword terms, industry terminology, user query are all important factors when researching the fundamentals of your business’s industry. We have put extensive time and money into researching the most productive terms in all the major service industries. This knowledge has allowed us to surpass even our expectations in vertical service markets.

  • SoLoMo - SOcial LOcal MObile or GEO-Marketing

    SoLoMo is local businesses offering services to local customers on mobile devices where social interaction as possible.

    GEO-Marketing – The act of or process of marketing your business in a defined Geo-specific area.

    SoLoMo marketing and Geo marketing our core fundamental processes that we used to strategize the launch of your local business presence campaign.

  • Your business’s success is our success.

    We feel it is part of our job to followup with our clients and keep them informed of new technologies and inbound marketing techniques to ensure that their local business has continued success. When you work with LocalProSEO, you’ll have continued support and the confidence of knowing that answers are just a phone call away. Our philosophy of outstanding support is critical to your online marketing success.

About Local Pro SEO

We have taken the old road less traveled in the online marketing industry of hard work, handshakes and a brick-and-mortar storefront. Our clients drop in to talk to us in person. This in it’s  itself  is seldom seen from any online marketing company. We focus our marketing efforts at the local business industry. We enjoy to have local businesses as our clients, because this grants us the ability to make a bigger impact in their overall presence. We enjoy stopping by our clients businesses to have our clothes dry cleaned or take the office out for lunch.

After years of working with or for internet marketing companies, we have become tired of all of the scams and manipulation of facts. We established our website as a knowledge base for local business owners to learn and make educated decisions about marketing.  Most of our services have been broken into an all a cart style store allowing you to see exactly what your purchasing. While other services are custom built for our clients.

After years of business we have found the most time consuming actions for small businesses is the creation of the local directories, social networks, and web 2.0 sites.  After creation of these profiles it is our intent to train the owner or employees in the effective use of these platforms to promote specials. If the owner decides after we educate him/her to have us manage their business online we will create a custom package and platform specifically for our client.

Visions and Values

Our Vision is to fabricate the simplest solutions for internet users and marketers. Every contribution we make must be more than astonishing or techy. We desire to change the way people use the internet. Our passion pushes us past mere products or services. It forces us to innovate solutions and create value. We yearn for creativity and accessibility in everything we do. Every step toward change, charged by the need to improve the status quo.


  1. We perform at the highest standards for our clients and ourselves.
  2. We only employ people who strive in partnership to ensure that our clients are capable to fully realize the benefit of our National Platform.
  3. We stand proud of the open and strong culture within our firm. Our employees are able to share constructive and candid feedback to their  fellow colleagues and bosses.
  4. We believe our employees should reach their full potential, advance and become rewarded based on their merit, character and capability.
  5. We do our absolute best to operate and manage our company with a consistent set of business practices and principles. We believe our owners will benefit as our employees do the right thing for our communities and the clients we serve.
  6. Finally, we treat all our colleagues with respect. We believe strongly that different experiences and perspectives bring creativity and strength to our lead and work to the development of the best solutions for our clients.

Hello We Are The Local PRO Team

Learn More From Jeff

Hello my name is Jeff I’m the CEO of  LocalProSEO.

“I designed the LocalProSEO.com website with the objective to provide a learning vehicle for local business owners, a way for them to drive their local business presence to the front page of search.  Along the way we created a few tools, dashboards that provide profile creation  services like the 1ClickSubmit.com Dashboard it will alleviate the heavy lifting of Local Business listing submission.”

“I am attempting to unveil local business marketing for all to understand and do. I’m a little disappointed in the actual content that has been shared with local business owners up to this point. Local business marketing is not hard or impossible for the average owner. In fact after the initial set up of your accounts the monthly maintenance is easy and fun and if you’re doing it right very profitable. All outline concepts that I have learned as an SEO, Web developer, sales representative and entrepreneur. Please remember that the methods that I teach are always “white hat practices”  that I learned from watching Matt Cutts on YouTube or other articles about local SEO.”

“What I am most proud of is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to see that there is really not a lot of mystery behind marketing online. And it can be successfully done by the owner or their employees. ‘”Online marketing is not hard. It just takes a little knowledge and a good plan.”

“The Local Business Creation Dashboard provides a wealth of knowledge along with the submission dashboard. There’s a lot of additional tools for collecting your Page Rank, checking SEO meta-tags and values in your website, inbound and outbound link checking, private video tutorial and Etc. This is a must have product for an agency or merchant.”

In the crowded marketplace of SEO tools and online marketing, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned concept. Then implementing your public relations efforts and visions and values. Our Local Business Dashboard’s are built on the same foundation: innovative campaign strategies; meticulous attention to client needs; and creative networking across social platforms and media and publishing sites. Local Pro SEO strives to create and implement innovative public tools for local business owners. To be a leading marketing and media resource for information in the inbound marketing industry. To help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and objectives. We aim to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and industry knowledge. We will provide strategic counsel, creative solutions and outstanding results to each and every customer.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing the tools and knowledge, that makes a difference at a price that is more than reasonable. Jeff M Christensen

Learn More From Derrick

Hello my name is Derrick I’m the CFO of Local Pro SEO, I designed this website with Jeff. We work side by side learning and adapting his SEO concepts to reach farther faster. I have continued to seed this company and develop the business side by side with Jeff. We work long hours to redevelop our process and streamline our SEO with the most influential factors and time saving techniques.

My career started after high school when I began as a Banker. Thus the CFO I learned the ins/outs of finance for personal, business and investments through my 8 years in the industry. I learned about the lending and deposit systems created in our culture of finance. Once I realized, my passion was to own my own business I shifted my focus. I became a source of knowledge for bankers, managers, and business owners.

When I started my moving company, I received my first taste of failure. Our company expanded quickly through our first summer growing to four separate crews each running multiple jobs throughout the day. As the business developed my business partner became less and less involved. Leaving me to run the business alone in the end. Yes he still wanted his share of the money. As the winter approached business slowed and I realized the current situation wouldn’t last the winter. This was when I realized the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. After a variety of failed buyout attempts business was abandoned.