Our Marketing & Technology Products

  • Blog Profile Creation

    Blog marketing or web 20 marketing is very important in today’s online marketing strategies. Blog marketing is often referred to as content marketing. content marketing can be one of the most beneficial forms of content that you can publish online today. If done correctly it can be used to empower outrank your competitors. Read more about Blog Marketing and Content Marketing.

  • Google Products Set-Up

    Setting up all of your Google products correctly, can expedite the indexed process exponentially. This service is for a business that wants to inundate all of their information with Google products. The service includes the setup for Google webmaster tools, Google analytics, Google maps, Google local, Google places, etc. All profiles for products are claimed and verified.

  • GPS Navigational Directory - Profile Submission

    One of the simplest and most important ways of marketing your business online is to place your business in navigational local directories. this service submits your business to GPS and navigational directories so that you can be found when someone searches on mobile devices or in dash navigational systems.  If you’re not listed you can’t be found!

  • Knowledge Panel Creation

    Google’s knowledge panel allows a company to brand itself for its name, services, or specialty. The knowledge panel shows your customers that you are established in your industry and are known as an authority in your area. This type of additional representation on Google is great for brand development and marketing. Knowledge panel submissions are coming in fast time is running out.

  • Local Business Launch

    If you are currently looking to launch a business this is a service you should check out. We offer all of our services together in one package with a lot of extras that are not available any other way. This service would include navigational directory submission, local directory submission, social network creation, video marketing platforms, and optimized website, blog creation.

  • Managed VPS Hosting

    For a lot of companies having control over their website is very important, especially when weekly monthly content needs to be changed. we offer three web hosting packages all include front and act and control with scalability. Packages start at $25 for five gigs of space and allow you to host 10 domains. Reseller packages are available.

  • Local Directory Business Listing

    Local directory listings are very important for local businesses to be found online. Currently local directories take up about 60% of the local search industry. It should be at least 60% of your marketing effort and budget to list your business in these directories and optimize the profile so that you are found above your competitors.

  • Wordpress Website Design

    For a long time now WordPress has been the number one go to CMS platform for developing websites. It provides a complete solution for any type of website you plan on deploying. with over 250,000 plug-ins and 150,000 themes you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in your website. To learn more about our web design platforms and prefer plug-in and theme providers.

  • Local Business Marketing

    local business marketing is extremely different from national marketing. The methodology and strategies employed on a national campaign will not give you results locally. Our local business SEO is designed to deliver fast results that are long-lasting on a local level. This means within weeks of completion you will get more phone calls to your local business.

  • Script Installation | Web Development

    Our web development service is a broad category that encompasses script installation, plug-in installation, API set up, theme development, etc. it is specifically for small tasks that business owners commonly need to have done on their local business website. This services for projects that are four hours or less. Projects longer than this time will have a lower hourly rate.

  • Social BookMarking Service

    When raising Brand awareness social bookmarking can be a very powerful tool for acquiring impressions of your products. Social bookmarking can also help provide a organic way of building back links to a specific page or website. Utilize correctly social bookmarking will drive your company brand awareness to new levels even on a local basis.

  • Social Media Marketing Profile Creation

    Are social media creation service will develop your business profile on all of the most popular social networks. We also offer a platform that allows you to post once on your site and predetermined parts of your post will circulate through 14 different social profiles that we create. Social networking is great in local business marketing when used to promote your business through reviews.

  • Video Marketing Channel Profile Creation

    This service is to create video marketing channels for your business. After your channels have been created you will be able to share videos and broadcast hangouts to acquire new customers. Video marketing has fast became the leading way of marketing on a national and local level. YouTube is the second largest search provider online today.

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  • Brand Development

    Brand Development encompasses a lot of aspects of your business. Sometimes getting a 10,000 foot view of all aspects of products or services allows you to repackage them to appear more appealing to your target market. Whether you’re an established business or newly created call us for a free brand development consultation.

  • eBook Marketing - eBook Publishing

    e-Book marketing can be a very easy revenue to tap into once you have learned the ropes of online publishing. This free consultation will aid in your discovery of the correct path for your content. Defining the types of marketing you wish to employ eliminates costly mistakes in the long run.

  • eMail Campaign

    eMail campaigns if done without spamming tactics, can be effective and productive for your business. Newsletters are a great way to retain current or past customers. Newsletters for email campaigns can be done on free platforms. Call us for a free consultation to learn more about email marketing and the best platforms to scale your project on.

  • MMS SMS Marketing

    MMS and SMS campaigns for marketing can start small and grow larger as you gain traction in your campaign. There are federal guidelines that need to be followed when marketing on telephone lines. Be sure to check your local authorities for the proper behavior or code of ethics in your area. Failing to do this can result in major fines.

  • SEO Development

    Starting an online project call us to get free SEO development advice. We will help you in your pursuit of your online goals.

  • SEM | Search Engine Marketing

    search engine marketing is the number one way of getting your product or brand in front of consumers that want your product. Over the years the recipe to do this the most efficient way has changed dramatically. In order to follow Google’s development ethics you need to stay in touch with monthly updates that they provide.