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Local Business Directory Listing Submission. Where To Start?

If you’re a new business owner in Novato California and not sure where to begin with your local branding, or a company whose been in business in Novato California but aren’t generating the leads you’d hoped for, we know how hard it is to be noticed in Google Search and beyond, this is why you are here to find the tools and resources needed to make your business stand out. There are several simple techniques to create strong local brand and increase your online presence in Novato California. Local Business Directory Submission is one of the fastest ones, around half of local search with buying intent happens on local directories. Just creating a Yelp listing service in Novato California can help you get more phone calls. Having a Yellow Page listing service in Novato California will also help.

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When you order local directory submission service from us, we perform 100% of the work to get your brand listed on local directories. If you were to do local business directory submission on your own, it would take an hour or so per directory. Besides our experienced SEO's know all the tricks to get extra power from business listings.

What are the Different Types of Local Business Directory Submission Services

Local Business Directory Submission Software

There is Local business directory submission software around but the problem with most is the API doesn't allow to upload photo's, video's, or optimize the additional fields in the profile. Local business directory submission software often is a subscription service billed annually, your profile maybe removed from all directories if the service is not paid for the next year, these services commonly use local business directory API to post your profile. Another big problem with software is the validation process used by most local business directories, a human is need to complete the process.

Local Business Directory Listing Service

You best and fastest option is to use a local business directory listing service. This service should manually submit and verify your business. Please see our workbook on Optimizing Your Local Brand for more detailed information on correctly submitting your local business to directories.

How to Submit Business Directory Free

You do it yourself or an employee. You can submit business directory free, most don't charge to have a profile. Yes no body knows a business better then the owner or employee. In fact a different insight will be gain by including your employees in the Brand development process. This workbook focuses on basic and advanced methods of local directory profile optimization. Fact: When I comes to local business directory Google paces them first in local search, put your business in them so you can get found too. Local business directory listing service are the best way to launch your local business. Want do it yourself here's a local business directory list with links to the submission page of that directory to get you started.

Local Business Directory Listing Service Facts

How do I order? What happens After I Order?

Ordering is very easy. Add you Product to the cart and Checkout. Then follow the simple steps in the email you receive.

Do I get discounts on bulk orders?

We offer discounts on bulk orders as needed Call Us for multiple location orders.

What happens when my business is already listed on a local directory?

If your business is already listed on a local directory, we will first check it for accuracy. If it is accurate we will then upload an new content not currently there.

How do you submit to these local directories?

All our directory submissions are hand submitted. We have a team of 100+ highly experienced local directory experts who know exactly what it takes to successfully list your business on local directories.

What Kind of Business Information is Submitted to Local Directories?

Business Name,Owner Name,Description,Keywords or tags,Full Address,Phone & Fax,Business Email,Year Found,Number of Employee,Operating Hours,Link To Video,Social Media Links (GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter, url etc..),Logo,Photos

What's your Local Directory Submission Process?

One of our experts will choose the local directories that are appropriate for your business.
A unique email account is created to facilitate the submissions.
Your business details are carefully and hand submitted.
Verification emails and phone calls are coordinated with you and verified.
The login information for that directory is provided in a report, allowing you to login to the listing at a later date. 
When submission is complete Login Report is sent out to you by email.

What Directories are Included in Local Business Directory Listing Service.

2 Data Aggregators, 4+ Mapping/GPS Sites, 5+ Industry Specific Directories, 50+ Local Directories, 5+ Photos added to directory listing, Top 50+ local Directories like: Google Local, Yellow Pages, Bing Business, Yelp, YP, Manta, City-Data, SuperPages, Etc. Download the Complete List.

What directories will require telephone verification?

A few high quality local directories like Yelp, Citysearch.com, Yellowbook.com, Yellowbot.com, Citysquares.com and Superpages.com will require telephone verification. Please note that Yelp can sometimes approve a listing without requiring to verify a telephone number.

Will you guarantee that your submissions will result in live listings?

We cannot fully guarantee that your submission will result in a listing. While our live listing rates are very, very impressive (95%), we cannot provide a 100% guarantee about submissions becoming listings, especially on manually approved local directory listings.

How do I login to my listings?

You will be provided with a full report once your order is complete. Your profile URL for each directory will be provided in the report.

How can I track my order?

Once you choose a package, pay and provide us with campaign details, we will first contact you to confirm your order. Then, when the order is finished, we will send you a detailed report of all work done, so you can check the links or login and check the listings yourself. Or Search your business name on Google search.

How long will it take to complete the average order?

We do our best to turn around an order in just 14 business days. However, if you have ordered one of the larger packages or if our order queues are really long, it may take up to a 2 months to deliver our Login Report. Since all work is done manually, in a high quality fashion, we suggest that you give yourself plenty of extra time if you are launch on a deadline to deliver your work, even though we will most probably deliver well ahead of schedule on most occasions.

What makes your directory listing service different from others?

Our local directory listing service is a completely manual process. We don’t create listings just for the sake of giving you a report but to actually provide you with a Local Brand they will create you business year after year.

Which countries does your local directory listing service cover?

At the moment, we cover USA.

How does your service optimize the directory listings?

When you order directory listings from us, we create your listings in such a way that they rank in search engines and in such a way that they actually provide you with a lot of value, giving information about your business in such a way that you get leads and sales. Content like Videos and photos is used to send a social engagement message to your potential customers in Novato California. Below, is a list of how we optimize our local directory listings. But some methods are not mentioned.

  • Keyword rich optimizing of a business titles and page URLs.
  • Photos of your business, properly tagged with relevant keywords.
  • Content is created with links to other pages and properties, to make the listing look very natural and legitimate.
  • We completely fill out the listing, with all fields having a relevant keywords and categories.
  • Listing is tagged with a range of keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your business.
  • Double verification to check accuracy of phone number, address, business hours and other details.
  • Addition of your address into the maps features, so your listings provide direction and location support.
  • Include a Google Places listing, to strengthen local visibility on Google and also to give the SEO boost that a maps listing provides.
  • Include extra snippets of information like business hours and accepted payment methods.

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