The Key to Sucess is Analytics

We Believe in a Strong Local Presence.

We are an exclusive local marketing agency that focuses on core business presence fundamentals.

We believe that off site marketing generates double the potential clients than onsite development.  This was not true a few years ago, but with advancements in browser technology, and the continual goal of search engines (Google) to provide the best possible relevant results to its users. Google’s goal is to connect people searching or services, with the people that offer those services.

SoLoMo – Social Local Mobile

Most SEO and marketing companies ask you to put a lot of your marketing money into your website. This is because the work is long and tedious and can’t be monitored by you the owner. Building a website to rank well on search engines is an oxymoron, because it is only the continual effort that will last with time. This means that continual payment is necessary or you will drop off the front page.  We’ve different unless your Branding your company or corporation, we would advise against sinking mass amounts of money into your website with out a strong local presence. building your local presence is the first step in gaining a grasp on your industry in your city.

What is a strong local presence?

There are more 1000 local directories in the USA. It is important to be reference  or cited in them. Local directories offer a free place to set up a webpage, this is very valuable. these local directory profiles can be claimed or verified, once that is done you will be able to log in and add whatever information you want. Photos, video, company mission, services are just some of the types of content you can provide the users. The big important fact here is that 60% of people searching for local services and up on local directories, where they verify the business is does quality work through reviews left by past users of their service. It is said that 70% of people searching for services will look at reviews before calling a company. This process of searching for a service and verifying the company is probably what you employ to find service companies in your area. This is why it is important to have a strong local presence in directories.

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