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Complete Local Business Presence – Launch Your Business

It’s important to maintain multiple Blogs, Websites, Local directory profiles, social networks and Video Channels, But it takes massive amounts of time to create it all and syndicate all your products and services online. Even though this is the best way too present your products and services many business owners just don’t know where or how to start.

  • 150 Local Directories

    Local directories are the or of any local business presence. not only do they allow your customers to find you but they help to establish and syndicate your business’s brand. Local directories show search engines that your business is established, consistency of your NAP is an important factor cannot be overlooked. We submit your business to over 150 local directories. This total saturation of your business content on local directories will push your business further ahead than your competitors that have been established for longer periods of time.

  • 20 Navigational Directories

    Navigational directories will increase the relevance of your business presence. GPS systems that are in the dash of most vehicles use these directories to display gas stations, restaurants, service stations and lots more. Don’t miss out on a major portion of local search by not including your business in local directories.

  • 20 Social Networks

    Social Network Marketing is essential in today’s marketplace. The hard part has been for most owners to create the profile. Once the profile is created it’s amazing how fast they are able to start marketing their product. Included in this complete business we create 20 social networks for your business. Then through API software and your website we can figure a dashboard that allows you to post to 10 of the most predominant and popular social networks today. This dashboard is totally configurable for each social network. The power that this creates within your business is amazing. It allows you to maintain specials and offers on social networks that are consistent through these social platforms and geolocation

  • 5 Video Channels

    Video marketing is the leading form of content to share services and products with customers. YouTube is leading the video marketing March but there are other competitors that have millions of users and should not be overlooked. We picked the best five social video marketing platforms and created channels and videos to start off your business grand opening.

  • 5 Blogs

    Blogs are a great place to share information about your products and service. They allow you to perform micro-campaigns for testing purposes before deploying your campaign on your main site. Their true benefit to local business marketing is the fact that you can host any type of content you want and link to your main site to empower your local presence. a common practice that is seen nowadays is to have one blog for your service department, one for your customer service, and one for your sales. The related content shared by each different department will provide insight into different aspects of your business, sometimes exposing potential revenue streams that would not have been seen otherwise.

  • 100 Press Releases

    Press releases are a great way of launching your business presence. They can be informative and provide substance and relevance to your initial campaign. there are thousands of directories that hold articles like press releases. We have hand-picked 100 of the best most powerful and popular. Press release articles should not be used more often than once per quarter, Google has cracked down on the amount of duplicate articles that they will index.

  • Google Product Set up

    this part of the local business launch service is very important. Google is the number one advertiser in the world, it is important that they have your information accurately and that you are verified and claimed with all of their products and services. It is one of the musts of local marketing. this service sets up and verifies Google webmaster tools, Google analytics, Google plus for business, Google plus owner profile, knowledge panel for search results, and a couple other services that are not very well known but help a lot in local business marketing.

  • 10 Page WordPress Website

    This is not the ordinary business brochure site. built upon a WordPress CMS platform we incorporate in 20 different WordPress plug-ins to provide SEO, automated post functionality, comment spam filtering, site maps, breadcrumbs, social sharing, appointment setting, and many other features. The site will have a base 6 to 10 pages +50 additional pages keyword and Geo-specific to your area. These additional pages will allow you to capture first page ranking for your primary service in each area. Other benefits include unlimited email accounts, five gigs of extra space on hosting, hosting costs covered for a year, additional local phone numbers as needed, and many other perks.

Starting your Business with a network of professionally optimized profiles on quality sites will over power the competition that has been in the industry for years.

If your launching a new business a don’t want to wait to gain clientele this service is want you want. You should start this service three months before your Grand Opening. Past results have shown us, this is when phone calls will start getting constant. 6 months after our SoLoMo Service you will receive more than 20 quality calls or leads per month. This service is primarily for a local business or Service company.

All of these Services are included in the SoLoMo Service

Complete SoLoMo Service – Directories, Social Networks, Video Channels, Blogs, GPS| Complete Local Business Presence – $8999

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