Social Book Marking – Book Marking Creation Service

Syndicate your brand or product page by bookmarking the page in your social sphere. This will empower the page and push it ahead of the competition.

We select only the Best social bookmarking sites to submit to:

  • What Is Social Bookmarking?

    Social Bookmarking is submitting your site or a page on your site in a social network. Bookmarking your social posts on external websites will help syndicate your website and in large your social sphere.

  • Are backlinks the same as social bookmarks?

    No, a social bookmark will typically have a short description, author, date, possibly keywords, tags, categories, video, photos and a back link attached to it. Where as a back link is just referring to the actual link itself.

  • Can I Add Social Bookmarks Myself?

    Yes in fact you probably already are, any time you post to a social network there is typically a link that is attached to your posts that is a form of bookmark or back link and when left in a social form is a social bookmark. Finding relevant places to post your bookmarks is half the battle in social bookmark marketing in Sacramento.

We submit to all the following sites:

We submit to all the following sites: Google Plus

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