Google Product Set Up – Google presence builder

Google is the leading advertising company on the web, this is world wide! Their product offerings our all encompassing, Google Search, GMail, Local Paces, Maps, Drive, Webmaster Tools. Just to name a few that we use every day. It’s important to keep are your Google products connected to your business to the same Google account. This helps to Verify your business to Google and will help your search ranking.

The Google Presence Creation Service was designed to provide a consistent Brand Presence through out all of Google Products. We Create, Claim, Verify and Optimize all of the following products in this service.

We have the best optimization process to create your Google Products. Below are some of the results that you can look forward to seeing when your searched.

  • GMail - Main Account

    Gmail has become the center hub for all Google products. We will create all other accounts using this main email, so that all of Google’s products are connected claimed and verified. Gmail has grown up over the years offering other services like contacts, landline through Google voice, video chat through Google hangouts just to name a few.

  • +Google Plus (Owners Profile)

    Google plus is Google’s premier social platform. With total integration into all other services is becoming the leading social network for local business owners to advertise their products and services and share relevant information with their users. It is very easy to use and is an essential marketing tool in today’s market.

  • +Google Plus for Local Business’s

    Formally called Google maps, Google places and now called Google local is the leading local business directory platform in the United States. Because of display factors in local search it has become the place to have your business listing. Without a Google local profile for business, you may not even be recognized as a local business by Google. Optimization is important in this profile to be found. With every company that is in your industry probably already listed if you are not will need extra help like quality content and reviews to push past your competition. Dominating Google local will make immediate results in business.

  • +Google for Company or Brand

    Google has also provided in Google plus a way for a company brand artists or nonprofit organization to establish a Google plus profile. Your company profile will also link to you to channel for your business. It is important to always enter as much information as possible about your business in these profiles to rank well. Photos videos posts reviews are just some of the types of content that you can include in your profile.

  • +Google Comunity Group

    The Google plus community allows you to create a page about your industry and post information that is relevant. other companies or people in the industry can also post on your community pages to create a knowledge base for your users. A lot of times all that’s necessary is to create the page, and the rest happens by the normal cycle of sharing and posting.

  • +Google Video

    Separate from Youtube Google also has a video hosting platform on Google plus. Making it even easier to share across networks. This platform also gets front-page results for video. so make sure and upload your videos.

  • +Google Photo Formerly Picasa

    Google plus photos platform is a great way to display products and services in a gallery. Directly indexed into Google’s image search photos can be optimized to rank on the front page.

  • Google Knowledge Panel

    Google knowledge panel allows a company to appear on the right side of search as a expert in your industry. Included in the search is the submission of your content services and platform to Google’s knowledge database. Multiple aliases can be inserted so that your company will show up in the right hand side knowledge panel for multiple keywords or terms.

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